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Update (Monday 14 March, 12.30pm)

The following organisations have launched appeals for donations towards relief and medical supplies for victims of the earthquake and tsunami that hit the Japanese coast on Friday:

  • British Red Cross (account number 20033046)
  • Save the Children Fund (account number 20021708)
  • World Vision UK (account number 20021936)

You can request a donation to any of these charities using your Stewardship giving account.

Simply search for the charity name or Stewardship account number when you are prompted to select or search for a Recipient. If you have difficulty finding them please give our helpdesk a call on 020 8502 1100 and we will be glad to help.

Original post (Friday 11th March, 9.30am):

With the full repercussions of the earthquake, additional aftershocks and the resulting tsunami still unfolding, we are liaising with the Disasters Emergency Committee and other aid agencies operating in the region. 

At this stage, with the scale of the humanitarian impact still unknown, we continue to watch, wait and pray for the hundreds and thousands of lives that will inevitably be affected by these events.

As more information becomes available we will update this page with additional details, including any funds opened for those wishing to give to support any emergency responses being made by our recipients working in the affected regions.

For more information:

The staff and trustees of Stewardship offer our thoughts, prayers and deepest sympathy for the people of Japan at this time.

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